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Duff Severe- Master LeatherworkerDuff Severe is known throughout the world as a master leather worker. He is a world renowned saddler especially known for his work in perfecting rodeo's contest Bronc Saddles. A majority of World Champions from Casey Tibbs to the present have ridden saddles made by duff severe of Pendleton, Oregon.

Host and proprietor of the Severe Brothers "Hotel de Cowpunch". Since 1948, this friend of the rodeo cowboy, has hosted hundreds of cowboys from champions to rookies at no cost and occasionally known to join in some good cowboy music on an old Martin guitar.

In 1982, Duff Severe was the first leather worker to be recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts for his artistry in leather and rawhide. Since then he has represented the Smithsonian Institute at art functions nationally and internationally.

In 1991, Duff Severe was featured in National Geographic magazine and TV "Explorer" articles on his life and leather achievements.

In 1992, Duff was inducted into the Pendleton Round-Up Hall of Fame. His efforts and influence in behalf of cowboys and rodeo as well as many years dedication to producing fine trophy saddles inspired this honor.

Duff Severe passed away in 2004 at the age of eighty-four. He received a National Heritage Award for his unique artistry in making utilitarian and miniature saddles. He and his brother Bill both have saddles in the Smithsonian InstitutionÍs collection; both passed on the tradition and their skills to sons and nephews who now run the saddlery.




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