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"Rawhide Quality Since 1955"

Severe Brothers Saddlery from Pendleton Oregon, is known internationally for producing the finest in custom handmade western saddles, bronc saddles and roping saddles. Saddles covered with the best grade leathers using the time-tested older methods, such as all leather ground seats, make them good for a lifetime of pleasure as well as durability.

Severe Brothers Saddlery was founded in 1955 by Bill and Duff Severe after apprenticing at Hamleys & Co. several years under master saddlers. Duff Severe in leatherwork, and Bill Severe in saddle trees. Together, this unique combination helped them produce a saddle with total quality control.

In 1982, Duff Severe was inducted as a master Traditional Artist into the Smithsonian Institute, the first leather-craftsman to be recognized as an artist. Since then, he has been invited to display his work both nationally and internationally.

At Severe Brothers, quality and pride in workmanship still remain the highest priority. Customers requiring specialized equipment include:

  • The Working Cowboy: he must ride all day and wants a comfortable and functional saddle he can depend on for years of service. We make them.

  • The Rodeo "Roughstock" Cowboy: he requires a saddle tough enough to take the worst abuse of all - the thrashing of the best bucking stock in the P.R.C.A.. A majority of World Class Champion Bronc Riders since Casey Tibbs rode, endorse the Severe Bronc Saddle as the standard of the industry.

  • Rodeo Cowboys: this includes calf ropers, steer ropers, team ropers, and bulldoggers, each requiring a saddle tailor-made for their event. Severe Brothers makes these, along with prize saddles for some of the major rodeos in the northwest each year.

  • All others: this includes anyone who just wants to go out and ride. Many in the movie industry, as well as the political arena, including a President of the United States, own Severe Brothers Saddles.

Severe Brothers Saddles are for those who take pride in their horses and their horsemanship.




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